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Content Technology Track (T)

Designed for those who are either responsible for technology decisions, or those who need to keep up-to-speed with the latest technology for enterprise content applications of all types, including, central IT, departmental IT, strategists, and managers who need to know what's possible and what's coming. Topics:

  • Multilingual technologies
  • Big data
  • Big analytics
  • HTML5
  • Search
  • Semantic technologies
  • Visualization
  • Touch interfaces
  • Content migration
  • Digital asset management
  • Choosing the right technologies
  • Choosing a system integrator


Track Sessions

T1: Are You Prepared for Future Technology Choices?
Wednesday, November 28, 1:30 - 2:30

One of the joys (or not!) of being involved in your organization's technology decisions is that there is a never-ending need to evaluate new technologies. This can be a lot of fun, but can also be overwhelming. The rate and volume of new technologies are a challenge and they are compounded by product consolidation, overlapping and emerging market landscapes, and hype that can infect even seasoned veterans. Having some guiding principles and a long view of technology's evolution role and can help guide provide guidance. The speakers in this session will share perspectives on how to organize your thoughts and ideas on what's coming and how to keep having fun.

Moderator: Hadley Reynolds, Managing Director, Next Era Research

Tim Walters
Partner & Principal Analyst, Digital Clarity Group
What Technologies Should You be Looking at Now?
Lubor Ptacek
VP, Strategic Marketing & GM, OpenText
Are You Ready for the Future?


T2. What People Want in Search (Managers, Customers, Employees); and How Findability Models and Strategies Do It
Wednesday, November 28, 2:40 - 4:00

In March 2012 Findwise released a survey revealing insights into how enterprise search is being used and managed. Results illustrate a startling contrast between findability needs and value placed on good search outcomes, with implementation commitment and effort. Following a presentation of the survey results, guidance from the field will highlight where more engagement is required to re-mediate and enhance broken search systems.

Moderator: Lynda Moulton, Analyst & Consultant, LWM Technology Services

Mattias Ellison
Findability Business Consultant, Findwise AB
Enterprise Search in Practice: A Presentation of Survey Results and Areas for Expert Guidance
Joseph Busch
Founder and Principal Consultant, Taxonomy Strategies
Value of Taxonomy Management: Research Results
Tom Reamy
Owner, KAPS Group and Information Services Consultant
Semantic Infrastructure: Integration of Search, SM and SharePoint for Intranets.

T3. Applying Semantics to Unstructured Data (Big and Getting Bigger)
Wednesday, November 28, 4:00 - 5:00

"Big Data" gets big play in current technology articles and industry news. Scaling content solutions to work well with expanding platform architectures and hardware options has long been an IT challenge. Now enterprises look to content experts and software applications to organize and find high-value content in massive quantities of unstructured and structured content. Two experts from the field will share their view of the challenges and opportunities for getting a better return from enterprise information repositories.

Moderator: Lynda Moulton, Analyst & Consultant, LWM Technology Services

Tony Jewitt
VP Big Data Solutions at Avalon Consulting, LLC
"Big Data" 101 for Business
Bryan Bell
Vice President, Enterprise Solutions, Expert System
Semantics and the Big Data Opportunity


T4/E12. Digital Marketing: Technology & Operations
Thursday, November 29, 8:30 - 9:30

Whether you are in IT or Marketing you need to be thinking about web, mobile, and marketing strategies together, and that includes a range of technologies that used to be purchased and implemented separately such as web content management, campaign management, analytics, digital asset management, and others. This mean learning about new tools, and how to organize resources to accommodate new workflows and practices. In this session you'll hear about the capabilities of current tools for digital marketing, and pick up some pointers on what this broader approach means operationally.

Moderator: Tony Byrne, Founder, Real Story Group

Tony Byrne
Founder, The Real Story Group
Seth Gottlieb
Solutions Manager for Global Marketing Operations, Lionbridge
Executing a Content Strategy with Marketing Operations

T5. Content Curation & Universal Libraries
Thursday, November 29, 9:40 - 10:40

As much as we all complain about information overload, it just keeps getting worse. Technologies for finding, categorizing, curating, and organizing are slowly getting better but - even paired with human processing - can't keep up. Our first speaker in this session examines what can be accomplished today, and our second speaker looks ahead to the characteristics necessary for the next breakthrough in getting our hands around the out-of-control growth of good and bad information.

Brad Kain
CTO, PublicRelay; President, Quoin
Man Versus Machine: Human Analysts and Automated Tools for Curated Content
Rolly Rouse
Co-founder & CEO, ClipFile
The Future of Content: Renaissance of Knowledge, or Death by a Thousand Cuts?


T6. Content Delivery Decisions for Technology Strategists
Thursday, November 29, 11:40 - 12:40

Delivering content is in many ways vastly easier than it used to be, largely because of the openness of information standards, but also because of the proliferation of tools and our often bruising learning experiences utilizing both. This session includes two thought provoking presentations, one looking at decisions around standards and one on open source content technology consolidation.

Moderator: Leonor Ciarlone, Principal, LMC Communications

Peter O'Kelly
Principal Analyst, O'Kelly Associates
Not Dead Yet: The Significant and Sustainable Synergy of XML and SQL
Joseph Bachana
President/Founder, DPCI
Convergence of Content Technologies in Open Source World


T7. Big Data for Enterprise & Marketing Applications - Three Views
Thursday, November 29, 2:00 - 3:20

Big Data is a big topic because it has lots of application. While much of the press coverage focuses on analyzing social data, the effect on research, operational, and computing are even more fundamental and far reaching. This session includes three presentations on big data that provide important insights for marketing, IT, and business strategists.

Moderator: Leonor Ciarlone, Principal, LMC Communications

Brian Courtney
General Manager, Industrial Data Intelligence, GE
Leveraging Big Data Analytics
Darren Guarnaccia
Senior VP, Product Marketing, Sitecore
Big Data: What's the Promise and Reality for Marketers?
Stefan Andreasen
Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Kapow Software
Big Data: Black Hole or Strategic Value?

T8/E10. Digital Asset Management 101 & Fun Case Study
Thursday, November 29, 9:40 - 10:30

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is sometimes viewed as a simple subset of content management, but for many applications, especially involving rich media, DAM is a world unto its own with unique, demanding, and complex requirements. If you are a big media company you know this - if you are a smaller company or from other industries you might not be as aware of how these systems can help you manage digital assets. This session complements an introduction to DAM systems with a "very fun" (entertaining) DAM case study.

Moderator: David H. Lipsey, Principal, Media & Entertainment, Optimity Advisors

Irina Guseva
Analyst, Real Story Group
DAM 101
John Petersen
Founder, CEO, Sutro Software
The World's Best DAM Implementation



T9. Managing Enterprise Mobile - Devices, Apps, Content, and Processes
Thursday, November 29, 11:40 - 12:40

Cimarron Buser
VP, Business Development, Apperian
Managing the Enterprise Mobile App Lifecycle: How to Empower Users and Keep IT Happy
Vern Imrich
CTO, Percussion


T10. One Project, Three Views: Vendor, Integrator, and Client Perspectives on Implementing a CMS
Thursday, November 29, 2:30 - 3:20

Far too often, a CMS implementation deteriorates into a mass of schedule delays, change requests, and organizational frustration. In this panel discussion, presented as a 3-act play, a panelist representing each view – the CMS vendor with an established product, the integrator with a strong reputation, and the client who has expectations around process and deliverables – will contrast the interactions that don’t work with a model that does work. Co-panelists will be Jeff Cram and Seth Gottlieb. We presented last year, and we hope to create an even more compelling experience this year.

Moderator: Rahel Anne Bailie, Founder, Intentional Design

Seth Gottlieb
Solutions Manager for Global Marketing Operations, Lionbridge
Jeff Cram
Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder, ISITE Design

T11/E11. Structuring Content on the Web
Thursday, November 29, 3:30 - 4:30

In e-Commerce, competitors rely on gaining the eyeballs of the most likely buyers. This demands presenting products and services in a way that matches inquiry seeking behaviors. Structuring and naming content for the best opportunity audience takes technique, artful management of topics, and discipline. The experts in this session will highlight practices that are used to build successful web sites.

Moderator: Lynda Moulton, Analyst & Consultant, LWM Technology Services

Ole Gulbrandsen
CTO, Webnodes
The Value of Structured Data in Content Management Systems
Heather Hedden
Taxonomy Consultant, Hedden Information Management
Taxonomies for e-commerce


T12/E9. Managing Big Web Projects - Lessons Learned
Thursday, November 29, 3:30 - 4:30

Sally Kleinfeldt
Director of Consulting, Jazkarta, Inc.
Managing Agile CMS Projects
David Oakley
Director, Web Engagement & Development, Florida Hospital
The Digital Check up: Florida Hospital Updates its Digital Presence



T13/C4. How to Address Two Key Management Concerns About Social Media: ROI and Reputation Management
Thursday, November 29, 8:30 - 9:30

Convincing yourself and others in your company of the importance of social media for internal or external communication and collaboration is a good first step, but making a case for the investment usually requires having answers about costs and return, and risks, both brand and legal. The speakers in this session will help you think through two apparently vexing issues.

Moderator: Tim Walters, Partner & Principal Analyst, Digital Clarity Group

Russ Edelman
President & CEO, Corridor Consulting
Establishing The True Value Proposition For Your Initiative
Toby Bell
Executive Vice President, Litera Corp.
Managing Reputation in the Social Media, Mobile, and Regulatory Chaos


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