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2011 Main Conference - presentations

We are still tracking down presentations and will continue to add them. Keep in mind that many sessions were interactive panels and had no presentations.

Click on the presenter names with links in the grid below.

Gilbane Boston Main Conference – Wednesday - November 30, 2011

K1: Opening Keynotes: Big Ideas - Bold Statements

Dr. Christos M. Cotsakos
Georgy Cohen

10:00Break & Technology DemonstrationsProduct Case Study

K2: Opening Keynotes: Big Ideas - Bold Statements, cont.

Stephen Powers
Scott Liewehr

12:00Lunch & Technology Demonstrations
12:00 - 1:00 Product Case Study
Alfresco & Liferay powered by CIGNEX Datamatics
Product Case Study
Crown Peak
1:30 - 2:30

E1. Track Keynote: Managing the Customer Experience from Prospect to Advocate. How Do We Get There from Here?

Scott Liewehr

C1. Track Keynote: Is Enterprise Social Networking and Collaboration a Game Changer or Time Waster?
T1. Mobile Development: App, Mobile Web, or Hybrid?

P1. What is the New Normal of Extreme Cross-media Publishing?

PG Bartlett

Product Case Study
Crown Peak
2:40 E2. The “New New” in Usability: B2B is Going Consumer C2/T10. Evaluating Social and Collaboration Tools for Your Intranet

T2. Get Ready for Big Data

Peter O'Kelly

P2. iPad Publishing and UI Design

Jim Nasr

Product Case Study

E3. Building an Integrated Marketing Campaign for the Digital World

Ian Truscott
AJ Gerritson

C3. Liberating Collaboration and Social Software for Knowledge Management

Lynda Moulton

T3. Is HTML5 the Future - If so, When?

P3. Why Credible Content is Key to Monetization

Peter Marsh

Product Case Study
Simply XML
Case Study
5:00 - 6:00 Reception & Technology Demonstrations

Gilbane Boston Main Conference - Thursday December 1, 2011
8:30 - 9:30 E4. Content Strategy for Marketing


C4. From Collaboration to Business Transformation: Expanding the role of Enterprise Social Networks

John Mancini
Mike Gotta

T4. Marketing & IT - How to Work Together

Chris Summers

P4. Managing Digital Assets in the New Multi-channel World Product Case Study

E5. Thinking Beyond the Website - Mobile and Other Channels Deserve Your Attention Too

Tom Wentworth
Michael Assad

C5. Making the Case for Tweets, Friends, Likes, and Pokes in the Enterprise

T5. Managing New Kinds of Content Mashups

Stefan Schinkel

E11/T12. How Does an Organization Manage Hundreds of Sites? Product Case Study
Alfresco & Liferay powered by CIGNEX Datamatics
10:40Break & Technology DemonstrationsProduct Case Study

E6/C7. Social Matters

Marisa Peacock

C6. What are the Three Things You Must Get Right to Succeed at the Social Enterprise?

T6/P5. Don't be Scared of Content Migration - But be Very Prepared

Mark Gross

T8/C8. Successful SharePoint Adoption Strategies Product Case Study
Granite Horizon
In The Cloud
12:40 Lunch & Technology Demonstrations

Product Case Study

Ole Gulbrandsen

Product Case Study
Crowell Solutions
2:00 - 3:20 E7/T11. One Project, Three Strategies: What Teams Need to Know About Design, Development and Content Strategies for Content-driven Initiatives E9. SEO & Site Search

T7. What is the Proper Scope of a CMS?

John Eckman
Emmanuel Garcin

T9. Creating Multi-lingual Taxonomies

Heather Hedden

Product Case Study
3:30 E8. Measuring the Results of Customer Engagement

E10. Reaching a Global Audience

Mary Laplante
Bruno Herrmann

Greg Aimone

4:30 Adjourn conference

*Program Subject to Change                   


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