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Customers & Engagement Track (E)

Corporate websites are now the most important public face of an organization, and the best way to grow, and communicate with, a broader customer base. Successful sales and marketing now requires Web sites that can reach a global audience, a mobile audience, and an audience familiar with social media and used to richer media. Websites also need to be findable, accessible, engaging, real-time & responsive, and have accurate and timely information that is synchronized with other channels. This is a tall order, but it is what your customers expect, and what companies are building.

Session Designed For:
anyone responsible for marketing, business, or technical aspects of public facing websites, including, sales & marketing, digital marketing, brand managers, business units with P&L, Web strategists, IT, Web managers, business managers, digital media, e-commerce managers, content managers & strategists.

Session Topics Include:
Web content management, analytics, web design and UI, social media, back-end, rich media, global reach, multilingual practices, personalization, information architecture, designing for mobile, e-commerce, search engine optimization.


Customers & Engagement Track Sessions

E1. Track Keynote - Managing the Customer Experience from Prospect to Advocate. How Do We Get There From Here?
Wednesday, November 30, 1:30 - 2:30

Today's successful digital marketers recognize the need to deliver value in every interaction. They expect to learn more about their brand and its target audience(s) than they preach, and they value these newfound understandings, seeking to leverage them to forge new consumer relationships and deepen existing ones. The practices of Web Engagement have taught you to find ways to listen to your audience more closely and to respond with relevant, tailored content in order to move them along the engagement journey from mere awareness to intimate loyalty. But just as you are beginning to understand these concepts, the tide shifts even further toward Customer Experience Management, or the proactive management of all the customer interactions with the company from awareness and attraction to ordering, fulfillment, billing and support. Niche technologies are coming together and promising to deliver on these promises, but are they ready? Are you ready?

Speaker: Scott Liewehr, Lead Consultant, Web Content Management, Outsell's Gilbane Services


E2. The “New New” in Usability: B2B is Going Consumer
Wednesday, November30, 2:40 - 4:00

The recent explosion of mobile devices and apps, combined with the evolution of Web 2.0 and a younger work demographic have quickly raised the bar on usability expectations within the Enterprise. Corporate users of web sites and apps today compare their experiences to the likes of “consumer” products and services such as iPhone/iPad, Kayak, Google, and a host of others. Today’s B2B (and B2C) marketers – burdened with stacks of other priorities – are now scrambling to meet these growing user expectations.

Moderator: Elizabeth Rosenzweig, Founder and Director of World Usability Day & Principal Consultant at the Bentley University Design and Usability Center

Charles Pendleton
Senior Director or Product Management, Digital Marketing, Epsilon
Jason Smith
Founder/Chief Creative Officer, OHO Interactive
Jon Michaeli
Vice President of Marketing, Sermo
Adam Zais
Vice President of Marketing, Wistia, Inc.


E3. Building an Integrated Marketing Campaign for the Digital World
Wednesday, November 30, 4:00 - 5:00

Many businesses practice traditional public relations, are aware of social media, and want to increase their presence using search marketing. But, most don't understand the importance of integrating all three to create successful marketing campaigns and do so without wasting time and money. They tend to take tactical approaches to managing their websites, social community spaces and multi-channel platforms by using niche tools and loose business practices to augment their tried and tested web content strategies. But as the requirement to socialize becomes a mainstream business imperative, is it time to evolve traditional practices? This session will teach attendees how to successfully unite PR, Social, and Search Marketing campaigns to create successful integrated marketing plans. It will also make the case for evolving from traditional web content management into social content management. The presenters will cite recent industry trends and successful B2B and B2C case studies.

Moderator: Scott Camp, VP Business Development North America, GX Software

Ian Truscott
Vice President Products, SDL’s WCM Division
AJ Gerritson
Founder, 451 Marketing


E4. Day 2 Track Keynote: Content Strategy for Marketing
Thursday, December 1, 8:30 - 9:30

Everyone is a publisher today. The challenge for brand marketers in both B2B and B2C is that the brand story is "owned" by multiple players in the organization and that brands need great content for effectively almost all online communications. Can you drive social media without content? No. Can you drive SEO without great content? No. Content marketing strategist Joe Pulizzi will share the latest research from the Content Marketing Institute on how brand marketers are using and allocating resources to content marketing, as well as share case studies from small and large brands about how they are developing content marketing strategies that generate passionate fans and subscribers to grow their businesses. Attendees will be able to take away a number of tactics that can be executed immediately to integrate into their content plans.

Moderator: Scott Liewehr, Senior Consultant, Web Content Management, Outsell's Gilbane Services

Joe Pulizzi
Founder of Junta42, the Content Marketing Institute, and SocialTract, and co-author of Get Content Get Customers, and Managing Content Marketing: The Real-World Guide for Creating Passionate Subscribers to Your Brand

E5. Thinking Beyond the Website - Mobile and Other Channels Deserve Your Attention Too
Thursday, December 1, 9:40 - 10:40

As phones and other mobile devices get "smarter", so must marketers get smarter about their multi-channel strategies. It used to be acceptable for brands to focus on their desktop browser experience, and then, at some point, dumb them down by removing flash, videos, and all the other extras so that prospective customers could view the website on their phones. But this strategy is no longer viable. The Splinternet Age brings not only smart phones, but also tablets, mobile applications, social sites, and wifi-ready televisions just to name a few. As more and more consumers seek to experience your brand through these mediums, having a strong multi-channel strategy is essential.

Moderator: Scott Liewehr, Senior Consultant, Web Content Management, Outsell's Gilbane Services

Arje Cahn
CTO, Hippo
Tom Wentworth
CMO, Ektron
New Reality - Mobile First
Michael Assad
Co-founder & CEO, Agility
Content Management for Digital Marketing: Thinking Beyond the Website


E6/C7. Social Matters
Thursday, December 1, 11:40 - 12:40

With the maturation of social media, we are surrounded by calls to link our real-life activities to their online complements. In your role as a web communicator, how can you do this in a way that serves both your needs and the needs of your audiences? How can you activate the ambient intimacy and latent connectivity around you to engage your audiences with relevant content? How can you bridge online community with off-line community? Also, how can the role of a Community Manager further your engagement with visitors, and help turn content into valuable conversations? How can they help to engage, promote and monitor your communities so that you are building valuable and meaningful relationships that benefit both your company and your customers.

Moderator: Margot Bloomstein, Principle, Appropriate, Inc.

Georgiana Cohen
Manager, Web Content and Strategy, Tufts University & Co-founder, Meet Content
Bridging the Real and Virtual Worlds: The Next Evolution of Social and Mobile Marketing
Marisa Peacock
Social Media Strategist & Marketing Consultant, & Senior Reporter
Role of the Community Manager - Engagement


E7/T11. One Project, Three Strategies: What Teams Need to Know About Design, Development and Content Strategies for Content-driven Initiatives
Thursday, December 1, 2:00 - 3:20

The tensions of the quality triangle have shifted from Quality, Cost and Speed to Content, Technology, and User Experience. Getting these strategies to mesh well on a project gets tricky, particularly when layered over the usual constraints. There will be no fist fights, but definitely lively debate as three seasoned practitioners, one from each discipline, come together to elucidate the strategy of their disciplines, advocate for the important aspects on a project, and figure out how to make them play well together in the project sandbox.

Moderator: Seth Gottlieb, Founder and Principal, Content Here

Rahel Bailie
Content Strategist, Intentional Design
Content Strategy Perspective
Seth Gottlieb
Founder and Principal, Content Here
Development Perspective
Jeff Cram
Chief Strategy Officer & Co-founder, ISITE Design
Design Perspective


E8. Measuring the Results of Customer Engagement
Thursday, December 1, 3:30 - 4:30

Who is visiting your website? How relevant is our marketing to our visitors' needs? Were and how we can improve marketing for greater bottom line impact? How can we hold social media accountable for return on investment? In this presentation, attendees will learn how to use engagement analytics to identify campaigns, landing pages, and website areas that create the greatest bottom line impact. (And just as importantly, which aren't living up to their potential.) We will also identify some critical Key Performance Indicators for social media campaigns. Real world examples will be used to bring context to the discussion in this ultra-informative session.

Moderator: Scott Liewehr, Senior Consultant, Web Content Management, Outsell's Gilbane Services

Avery Cohen
Principal, Metrist Partners
Return on Engagement: Web Engagement and Social ROI
Ron Person
Director, Analytis, Sitecore
Driving Bottom Line Impact with Engagement Analytics


E9. SEO & Site Search
Thursday, December 1, 2:00 - 3:20

Digital marketers are keenly aware that more and more of their web traffic is coming from search engines, and that the behaviors of the visitors once they reach their sites are increasingly focused on search. To address the former, brands are spending a lot of time and money identifying and optimizing keywords for SEO, and they are getting mixed results. As for the latter, observant organizations understand that visitors are 2 to 3 times more likely to convert from a site search page than any other page, and they strive to incorporate recent innovations in search and navigation to address the evolving expectations of visitors. In this session, attendees will learn about recent innovations in each of these fields as well as how to address these challenges moving forward.

Moderator: Elise Segar, Specialist, Sales Strategies, ifridge & Company

Ed Hoffman
Vice President, Global Business and Corporate Development, SLI Systems
Web Search Enhancements Drive Site Search and Navigation Innovations
Andrew Bredenkamp
CEO, Acrolinx
Authoring for SEO


E10. Reaching a Global Audience
Thursday, December 1, 3:30 - 4:30

Translation and localization of a brand's web presence is often treated as an afterthought. Outsell Gilbane refers to this as Language Afterthought Syndrome, and it is a phenomenon that is plaguing even the largest global brands on the planet. But effective digital marketers have learned to engage their global audience by including localization and user experience requirements in the core of their strategic planning, and they are rewarded with some significant advantages and benefits. This session focuses on addressing the key challenges of managing the global content supply chain and delivering an international user experience.

Moderator: Mary Laplante, Vice President & Lead Analyst, Outsell's Gilbane Services

Bruno Herrmann
Globalization & Localization Director, The Nielsen Company
The Rest of the World vs Most of the World: Addressing Globalization Challenges
Soumya Das
CMO, CrownPeak
Globalization of Web is the Key to Winning New Markets


E11/T12. How Does an Organization Manage Hundreds of Sites?
Thursday, December 1, 9:40 - 10:40

Traditionally, organizations of all sizes have managed their Web properties in a largely ad-hoc manner. However, as the sophistication and impact of the organizational Web presence broadens, it is necessary to adopt a more mature approach to both Web Operations and web content management. This session will discuss the important aspects of web operations, from strategy to governance and execution. It will also take an in-depth look at a case study of the largest multi-tenant implementation of public-facing websites in the healthcare industry.

Moderator: Cynthia Siemens,

John Scudder
Director, Communication & Design Services, Hospital Corporation of America (HCA)
Managing Hundreds of Web Sites on ONE CMS - a Corporation's Multi-tenant Strategy and Best Practices
Lisa Welchman
Founding Partner, WelchmanPierpoint
Web Governance





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