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Cross-channel Publishing Track (P)

Cross-channel publishing has been a goal of many organizations for years, but it is no longer an option - and not just about Web, print and the occasional additional digital channel as an afterthought or experiment. Smartphones, the iPad and other tablets, e-book readers, other devices, and even “in-product” displays need to be considered. In addition to more channels, there are more media types and content formats to manage. Not to mention whether/when to build a mobile app vs. a browser-based application. Dynamic publishing is a key business requirement for all organizations, whether commercial business or consumer publisher, or enterprise marketer or information manager.

Track Designed For:
those responsible for content creation, management, and multi-channel/multi-lingual publishing, IT and others that need to learn about publishing technology because of new mobile and multi-channel demands, including corporate or commercial publishers, content managers, digital asset managers, documentation managers, and information architects.

Session Topics Include:
Multi-channel publishing, multi-lingual publishing, iPad, e-books, mobile app and digital product development strategies, tablets, mobile, digital rights, digital asset management, documentation, structured content, XML, dynamic publishing, and publishing business models.


Cross-channel Publishing Track Sessions

P1. The New Normal of Extreme Cross-media Publishing
Wednesday, November 30, 1:30 - 2:30

Today's real-time, multi-media, cross-media publishing requirements are a far cry from just a few years ago when it was a struggle just to publish to a website in addition to print. What we sometimes call "extreme cross-media publishing" is not easy, but the demand for it is the new normal. This session will help you calibrate expectations on what can be done and what it takes.

Moderator: Bill Trippe, Vice President & Lead Analyst, Outsell Gilbane

Joseph Bachana
President & CEO, DPCI
Convergence of Content: Is Technology Bringing us to the Holy Grail of Cross Media Publishing?
PG Bartlett
Senior Vice President of Product Management, Quark
How Digital Publishing Has Changed the Rules of Publishing


P2. iPad Publishing and UI Design
Wednesday, November 30, 2:40 - 4:00

With smartphones and tablets exploding in usage, publishers are racing to deliver content to new types of users who are expecting rich, interactive experiences. Yet publishers are often dependent on third parties who can create these apps for them. This session delves into how some of the standard publishing apps work, and how developers create some of the more advanced features that users are demanding.

Moderator: Ned May, Vice President & Lead Analyst, Outsell

Jim Nasr
CEO, Armedia
Best Practices for Developing Content Rich Applications for the iPad
Jon Marks
Co-founder, Kaldor Product Development Group


P3. Why Credible Content is Key to Monetization
Wednesday, November 30, 4:00 - 5:00

While digital channels expand both the opportunities and ease of reaching new customers, the volume and sometimes questionable quality of digital content can make it difficult to get the desired return on digital advertising. Personalization alone does not address the credibility challenge. High quality contextual content is critical to convincing potential customers to click. Marketers will benefit from the techniques shared in this session.

Moderator: Ned May, Vice President & Lead Analyst, Outsell

Pete Marsh
EVP, Global Product Management, Atex
Content and Advertising Monetization


P4. Managing Digital Assets in the New Multi-channel World
Thursday, December 1, 8:30 - 9:30

Digital Asset Management has always been much more complicated than it sounds. The proliferation of publishing channels adds more complexity, and more cost. This session will provide perspective on what is involved and how to benchmark your efforts against other organizations with similar challenges.

Moderator: David Lipsey, SVP, Business Development & Digital Media Services EVNN Digital Media Services

Faith Robinson
Director ECM & DAM, Hasbro Inc.
Melissa Webster
Program Vice President, Content & Digital Media Technologies, IDC
Philippe Coulon
Head of Business Development, Adam Software


P5/T6. Don't be Scared of Content Migration - But be Very Prepared!
Thursday, December 1, 11:40 - 12:40

Migrating content from one system to another, or converting content from one format to another for publishing are often the gotchas that throw a project off schedule or budget. It just doesn't pay to ignore these issues until your shiny new system is ready to be switched on. Unfortunately, this happens too often, either because it is put off as an unpleasant detail, or is just plain intimidating. Best to learn what you are in for in advance form our two speakers in this session.

Moderator: Nancy Clarke, Senior Consultant, Outsell's Gilbane Services

Deane Barker
Content Management Practice Director, Blend Interactive
Mark Gross
President, Data Conversion Laboratory
Content Migration: What to Expect from an Automated Conversion to eBook


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