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Gilbane Boston Main Conference – December 1, 2010
K1: Opening Keynote Panel

Introduction Slides
Aaron Hill's slides -PPT
Marie Williams' slides - PPT

K2: Industry Analyst Keynote Panel
E1. Track Keynote:
Web Content Management Is Dead, Long Live Web Content Management

Robert Rose's Slides - Slideshare

C1. Track Keynote:
The State of Enterprise Collaboration
T1. Track Keynote:
Current & Future State of Content Management Systems
P1. A Blueprint for Book Publishing Transformation - Content Management and Metadata Across Publishing Systems
E2. Adapting to the New World C2. Portal 2.0 Summit T2. Smart Content In the Real World: Case Studies & Real Results P2. Mobile App Development from the Trenches: How Developers Shape Content and Interactivity for Today's Devices

Slides - PPT

E3. Next Thing You Know… You’re Global!
C3. Portal or Enterprise Social Software: Which Collaboration Environment to Choose? T3. Rethinking Content Management Systems

Laurence Hart's Slides - Slideshare

P3. Are Smartphones and Tablets A Content Provider's Field of Dreams?

Gilbane Boston Main Conference - Thursday December 2, 2010
E4. Gathering Customer Intelligence - Are You Listening to Your Customers?

Slides - Slideshare

C4. The How and Why of Employee Engagement T4. Open Source Tools Changing the Content Technology Landscape

Kian Gould's slides - PDF
Shaun Walker's slides - PPT

T8. 2011 – the Year of Semantic Search

Lynda Moulton's slides - PDF
Brooke Aker -PPT

E5. How to Build a Content Strategy

Margot Bloomstein's Slides - Slideshare
Colleen Jones' Slides - Slideshare

C5. Social Publishing in Practice

John Eckman's Deck

T5. Evaluating the SharePoint Ecosystem
Tony Byrne's Slides -PPT
T9. Web Site Search – the Next Generation
E6. Research Insights: Multilingual Marketing Content and Strategic Brand Management
C6. Social Intranets: How Interactivity Spurs Intranet Usage

Ryan Gruss' slides - PPT

T6. Game Changing Content Technologies

Mark Fidelman -slideshare

T10. Applications of Search in SharePoint

C Scyphers' Slides - Slideshare

E7. Putting it into Action – Molding the Customer Experience


C7. Integration of Consumer and Enterprise Social Software

Tom Wentworth's slides - Slideshare

T7. XML Implementation & Information Lifecycle T11. Design for Mobile Search – Interaction Models for Smart Devices

Brooke Aker - PPT

E8. Metrics – Measuring the Results of Digital Marketing

Brett Zucker's Slides - PPT

T13. Case Studies: Building & Buying

Mark Korey's slides - PPT

T12. Social Search – Real Time Intelligence


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