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Content Management Track
Our content management track covers both web content management (WCM) and enterprise content management (ECM), as well as supporting technologies for each. There are sessions focused specifically on WCM and ECM, but most sessions cover areas that are important to both. This is our largest track and contains information anyone involved in content management, whether novice or experienced content management professional, will find valuable. There are case studies you can learn from, debates on different practices and technologies, and advice from experts on new approaches and technologies. 

Enterprise Search Track
Search is an important part of enterprise information strategies and applications, but there are many aspects to search and lots of related technologies that need to be considered, such as categorization, entity extraction, summarization, text analytics, topic maps, and more. There are debates about when it is practical to tag content, what approaches are best for desktop search vs. intranet search, vs. enterprise search vs. web search, whether search should be part of an IT infrastructure, an application platform, or stand-alone tool, and how search should be used with content management systems. Our Enterprise Search track includes lively discussions and guidance on all of these topics.

Collaboration & Enterprise Blogs & Wikis Track
We have been covering the use of blog and wiki technologies for enterprise applications since we reported on early examples of organizations successfully using these tools in early 2005. While there is not yet definitive quantitative research, it is clear that these technologies have since been widely deployed in enterprises of all sizes across vertical industries, and collaboration is one of, if not the number one, reason they are implemented. This track will bring you up-to-speed on the technologies, why companies are using them, and what kinds of enterprise applications such "social software" is appropriate for. 

Enterprise DRM Track
Enterprise Digital Rights Management (eDRM) is an increasingly important technology for protecting intellectual property in corporations and other institutions. It complements content management, firewalls, and other technologies in helping to ensure that sensitive information such as confidential documents, email, and application data do not fall into the wrong hands. DRM technology has moved out beyond its origins in the entertainment industry and become established in enterprise applications, in industries ranging from financial services to manufacturing and life sciences. It's also increasingly important technology in a range of solutions for document retention and regulatory compliance.

Automated Publishing Track
Publishing automation is all about connecting the "islands of automation" that exist in corporate and commercial publishing. These islands result mainly from vendors focusing on single aspects of production: sometimes the author, sometimes designers, some the prepress department, some the web architect, others the printer. And some islands exist because of legacy work methods that separate creative processes from production ones. At previous Gilbane events we focused on the automated pagination aspect of the subject, essentially examining how the XML encoding of text can provide significant time and cost savings with automated pagination systems, including those based on XSL-FO. But automated publishing also includes what occurs prior to pagination, and what occurs after, and branches laterally into some very specific applications, such as variable data printing/print-on-demand, transactional documents, (such as invoices and financial and legal agreements), periodical publishing, and catalog publishing. Just about any aspect of the publishing process can be automated, from authoring to distribution, whether for print or electronic distribution. This track will help you understand how to connect these automated islands to build more flexible and efficient workflows.

Enterprise Customer Case Study Track
Technology works only when it enables an organization to achieve its business objectives. Content works only when it drives the business towards those objectives. How are enterprise adopters using technology to leverage their content and deliver business value? Answers to this question are documented in Content Technology Works™ (CTW) case studies published by The Gilbane Group. The Enterprise User Track draws on CTW success stories. The track keynote and sessions will give you insight into how other companies are deploying content technologies for strategic and tactical business benefits and how you can realize those benefits within your organization.

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